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Facebook advertising

Why Facebook?

Facebook is the most powerful advertising platform in history. With over 2 Billion users chances are your customers are on Facebook.


We formulate a message and plan to systematic generate leads through Facebook.

our system - upsyd curve

U - Unaware

P - Problem Aware

S - Solution Aware

Y - Your Solution Aware

D - Decision

This is the sales funnel process, our job is to meet customers “where they are” in the UPSYD curve. Bringing them along towards the ultimate “Decision” of purchasing your products or services.

how do we do this?

We put together a system of Messages that will bring customers down the line closer to a decision. This includes customers who are COLD, WARM, and HOT.


We refine our messages through measuring, nothing should be assumed. We will start broad and refine based on results not assumption.